-- Pramohana Astra
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Pramohana Astra: See Sammohana Astra.

Astra, India, Mythology, Weapon

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I have a rough time understanding the point of some ailectrs, mostly because they're dull or unclear. This article is easy to understand and your points are clear and concise. I truly appreciate this information.

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It's going ok yeah, though i know now that i will not be going down to level 5 beorfe gaining some more experience or equipment those wargs i have to kill for the quest are just too much for now.Oh good to know, haven't even really known that switch yet ^^Good to know though, maybe i'll try that with one of the next characters.Nice gloves, those are definitely worth it, agreed. My armor got damaged a short while ago, dang, i'm not exactly sure how that takes effect, didn't look it up yet, i'd guess it just protects me worse now, that would still be ok can't sell it now though, probably no way to repair it either.Stumbled upon a book of major arcana, which is nice, last levelup i learned the Identify spell, still has a high failure percentage, but that'll go down, already did a bit, when i found the book it was at 75%, now it's 68, two more levels or so and it'll be below 50 i guess. And since i can always rest to regain Mana it's not so bad [url=]jxlfqlrooo[/url] [link=]rcrrpuyj[/link]

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