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Bhauma Astra

The word Bhauma means "of Earth" in Sanskrit and is derived from the word Bhumi meaning "Earth". Bhauma Astra is a celestial weapon in Hindu mythology that creates earth or land. In the Mahabharata it was used by Arjuna during a demonstration of skill in the Adi Parva section 137.

"By the Agneya weapon, he created fire, and by the Varuna weapon he created water, by the Vayavya weapon, he created air, and by the Parjanya weapon he created clouds. And by the Bhauma weapon, he created land, and by the Parvatya weapon, he brought mountains into being. By the Antardhana weapon all these were made to disappear."

Thanks to Jijith Nadumuri Ravi from Ancient Voice.

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