-- Armor of Aeneas
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Armor of Aeneas

In Virgil's Aeneid, Venus (Aphrodite) convinces Vulcanus (Hephaestus) to forge a suit of armor for Aeneas. It falls from the sky following a flash of lightning, and signals a portend of the approaching war.

Armor, Greece, Hephaestus, Mythology, Torso

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Comment From: Matthew --

Picked this up based on the review and was ralley glad I did. I especially loved the witty banter and the clever updates of Greek mythology to modern day, as well as all of the manipulations, love triangles, etc. between the gods and goddesses. A ralley fun read, and I actually thought the story was quite well done. Don't want to spoil it, but loved the reveal of what's ralley motivating the gods' plans to destroy mankind, which was pretty hilarious and fitting. Thanks for the recommendation!

Comment From: Nina --

I was a Classics major in college and I cried reiadng the Aeneid too, because I was sure I would spend an eternity trying to finish it. You certainly got WAY more out of it than I did, including all the amazing food references. I think you are a genius. I am going to read it again . and I'm making this cake over the weekend FOR SURE. As always, this new entry trumps the one before it which was and is also out of this world.

Comment From: Sdq --

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