-- The Horn of Bran the Niggard
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The Horn of Bran the Niggard

The Horn of Bran the Niggard is one of the Thirteen Treasures of the Island of Britain. Whatever drink the owner wished for would appear inside the horn. It is called Corn Bran Galed o'r Gogledd in the original Welsh.

The complete list of Treasures:

Car Morgan Mwynfawr
Cauldron of Dyrnwch
Cebystr Clydno Eiddin
Coat of Padarn
Gren a desgyl Rhygenydd Ysgolhaig
Gwyddbwyll Gwenddoleu ap Ceidio
Hogalen Tudwal Tudclyd
Knife of Llawfrodedd
Mantle of Arthur
Mantle of Tegau Eurfron
Mwys Gwyddno Garanir
Ring of Eluned
The Horn of Bran the Niggard

You might have noticed that there are 14 treasures in the list. The Mantle of Tegau Eurfron and the Ring of Eluned were later added to the list, and the Crock and Dish of Rhygenydd the Cleric were combined into a single treasure which makes fourteen.

Mythology, Welsh

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According to Welsh legend, this horn once belonged to Hercules, who acquired the object from the head of the centaur Nessus after he was slain by the hero. The horn was able to grant whatever drink a user wished to find within it.

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