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Time Period: 7th century BC to 17th century AD
Location: Worldwide
Common Construction: Leather, Bronze, Iron, Steel based on time period

Greaves are a general term for armor that protects the shins, and sometimes the knee. The first archaelogical evidence of greaves comes from the Greeks in the 7th century BC. However it is conceivable that there were greaves before this time period made of less durable materials that would not survive to the present day.

In Greek warfare the hoplon covered the soldier from the knee to the neck, and only a helmet and greaves were needed to provide complete coverage. These were made of bronze, and some examples have an extended upper portion that covered the knee. The greaves were likely strapped on with leather cords, although ancient literature mentions that some greaves had such curvature that they bent around the wearer's legs and stayed in place without assistance.

Ancient greaves only covered the front of the leg. It was not until the middle ages that greaves covered the entire leg, and were attached to a knee cop or poleyn (which was in turn attached to a cuisse to provide full leg protection).

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