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Full Plate

Full plate is a modern general term that denotes an entire suit of plated armor. Although the individual pieces varied greatly over time, full plate covered the head, neck, torso, arms, legs, and feet. Many consider the pinnacle of plated armor construction to be gothic armor, which features distinctive "fluting" that provides increasing strength using less steel.

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Comment From: Mimih --

I'm actually susirpred that Marvel has been able to keep things very close to the vest with their films. One would think being one of the twin pillars of Geekdom they'd have every nerd and geek blogger shifting through their garbage for the merest scoop or semblance of a scoop.

Comment From: Amanda --

I loved it but Marvel is being way too secretive about their films besedis finding out who the villains are we don't know much except things blow up .I think they should have at least shown Olivia Munn , they don't have to tell us who she is playing