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Cauldron of Bran

The Cauldron of Bran was used to bring the dead back to life in the story Branwen Daughter of Llyr, part of the Mabinogion. A dead person could be placed in the cauldron and their life would be restored, except they could no longer speak. Bran gave the cauldron to the Irish king Mallolwch for an offense caused by his half-brother Evnissyen.

Bran eventually went to war against the Irish, but they continued to resurrect their dead in the cauldron and the battle went badly for Bran and his warriors. Evnissyen, realizing that he was the cause of the conflict hid himself among the dead Irish and was thrown into cauldron alive. In some versions of the story, Evnissyen stretched out and broke the cauldron, while in others the mere act of placing a live person inside caused the cauldron to break; either way, Evnissyen was killed and the cauldron was destroyed. Bran's forces defeated the Irish to the last man, but only 7 of his own warriors survived to return home, and Bran himself was fatally wounded by a poisoned spear.

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