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Fail-not (also known as the Unfailing Bow)

In Arthurian folklore, Fail-not was the bow of Sir Tristan. It was said to never miss its mark. In some stories, the Unfailing Bow was a trap that Tristan set up in the woods. When a deer or person walked nearby the bow would fire, always hitting its target. This granted him a degree of protection from the king's men and also a constant source of food.

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Comment From: Vitoria --

This is a common theme .I also just came acsors your blog and am loving reading your posts! I'm almost done with my undergrad, been married nearly 3 years, and have two boys (22 months and 4 months). I'm just as passionate about books, reading, and my babies as you are! While we don't share the same faith (I'm a member of the ) I feel the same way about making my beliefs a huge part of my life and my children's lives. Loved everything I read so far!

Comment From: Cristina --

Hi Haley I just came across your blog and it made my day. So many of your posts .make me reaizle I'm not the only one who thinks/feels that way. Thanks for the much needed encouragement, and the laughs.

Comment From: Siow --

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Comment From: Marcel --

Hmm, this one made me ponder. I think I've had varuios sweet spots over the years as my tastes have evolved. When I was in the single and low double digits, I loved this book called Kavik the Wolf Dog by Walt Morey. I read it so many times I wore the cover off and had to buy a new one. I was just intrigued by Kavik's determination to get home that made him travel 2000 miles. Kind of like The Incredible Journey, only with wolves. What's not to like? Then I read the Black Stallion books, and for some reason, The Island Stallion was a sweet spot. They find those old Spanish catacombs on that island, and get lost underground, and finally find the hidden paradise in the center of the island, and there's all the old artifacts all over the place, along with the fantastic horses. Later on, as I was dabbling in fantasy and science fiction, I happened across Starswarm, by Jerry Pournelle. A kid with an AI in his head? An alien planet? Alien plants that think like computers? Yes, please!Then there was Frank Peretti's juvie fiction series with the Coopers, which was Indiana Jones with a dad and two kids.Right now Diana Wynne Jones has hit my sweet spot, with her modern fantasy settings, alternate worlds, interesting, likeable characters (Chrestomanci is win and awesome, all the way down to his snobby jokes and fancy dressing gowns). Unfortunately I've now read all her books and am looking for something new.I think you're right about certain things hitting a lot of people's sweet spots, like vampires and werewolves. And I'm glad you mentioned Beauty and the Beast, because that's another classic that never gets old. (Kind of like Phantom of the Opera how many times have they made movies of it?) wow, I think this comment is long enough. I'll stop now. [url=]kztcryxwh[/url] [link=]flaukopam[/link]

Comment From: Vyolet --

We are completely surrounded by friends who have adopted precious little ones from around the globe. (Our best friends even adopted from Ethiopia in July 2010!) The love and sacrifice they have shown in their own journeys has been so inspiring. Cotiartulangons to you and Kevin on taking this amazing journey! Praying God’s blessings on your family!!

Comment From: Latricia --

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