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Tarnkappe (also known as Tarnhelm)

The Tarnkappe is a magical hat of dwarven origin that makes the wearer invisible. In some stories it is instead a mantle or cloak, but in other stories a cloak of invisibility is called Hulidshjalmir and the word Tarnkappe is reserved for hats alone. The Tarnkappe could also allow the wearer to shapeshift, again depending on the story.

In the Norse saga Nibelungenlied, the Tarnkappe is the magical mantle or cloak of Alberich the dwarf which rendered him invisible. Sigurd (Siegfried) defeated Alberich and won the treasure hoard of the Nibelungs including the Tarnkappe. Later in the story, he used the Tarnkappe to secretly help Gunther subdue Brunhild so that he could marry her, allowing Sigurd to marry Kriemhild.

In the Dietrich Cycle, Prince Dietrich of Bern and his friends attempted to rescue Lady Kunhild from the dwarf king Laurin. They had to defeat the dwarven king, who had a cloak of invisibility, a girdle which gave him the strength of twelve men, and sparkling armor that was both sword and spearproof. Prince Dietrich had to wrestle him with his bare hands, and tore off his girdle and cloak before forcing him into submission.

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