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In Greek mythology, Aegis is a shield or breastplate of the gods, and there are several competing myths surrounding it. In some stories it is the shield of Zeus, created by Hephaestus using the skin of the goat Amalthea who suckled Zeus when he was a baby. The shield was used in the Titanomachy, the war with the titans.

In other stories, the Aegis belongs to Athena, or Zeus allowed Athena to borrow it. When Perseus cut off the head of Medusa, it was given to Athena as a gift and placed on the shield so that all who look upon it are turned to stone. In still other stories the Aegis is Athena's cuirass (breastplate) rather than a shield. It still bears the horrifying visage of Medusa that petrifies anyone who looks at it.

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Anna: I have been to Greece 4 times. The first time I was there was in 1984. I was in Athens and went to the Parthenon and the muuesms. In the muuesms, there are statues from many years ago, many missing their noses. When Greece was fighting with Turkey, the Turks defaced the statues by whacking off their noses. It is a beautiful country, especially the islands, and lots of fun! I hope you get a chance to visit Athens and some of the islands! Mrs. Burch

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