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In Norse mythology gambantein is a staff or sword that is briefly mentioned in surviving historical records, and no description is available. Gambantein means "wand of revenge".

One account states that it is the staff of Hermod, messenger of the gods. Alternatively, Gambantein could be a sword forged by the giant Volund. Thor was a well known enemy to the giants and had slain them on many occasions. Volund wished to create a sword that would match Thor's hammer, Mjollnir. At the forge, he pounded "revenge, hate, woe and misfortune" into the gambantein. Even the dwarf Eitri (Sindri) admitted that it was a better work than his hammer.

Finally, in the Poetic Edda poem Skirnismal, Freyr's vassal SkÝrnir attempts to woo the giantess Gerdr on Freyr's behalf. When she rejects the offer, he returns with 13 golden apples and the draupnir, but still she refuses. Finally he threatens her with the gambantein and the promise of remaining unwed forever and she finally consents.

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