-- Glaive-Guisarme
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Glaive-Guisarme: See Glaive.

CE 14th Century, CE 15th Century, CE 16th Century, CE 17th Century, History, Polearm, Weapon

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Updated to include items and a back view too Excited Seph is eeticxd good luck judging you have a far harder job to do!Argh! Now I look closer from the back I'm not sure about the shoulders the light on that picture makes them look purple.

Comment From: Rubens --

mais qu est ce que la de9ite9 ?La de9ite9 est e0 Dieu ce qu est l humanite9 e0 l homme. C est un enlebmse de qualite9s, caracte9ristiques se rapportant e0 la nature de Dieu.

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