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Birnie (also known as the Byrnie)

Birnie is a general term for a chain mail shirt with half sleeves, extending to down to the waist. It is smaller than a hauberk which extends down to the thighs or knees and covers the entire arm.

Armor, General Term, History, Torso

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Comment From: Haru --

Clarent is the sword of peace,which was stuck on the stone. Excalibur was given to him by the mysterious lady of the lake...

Comment From: Rawan --

The use of the smaller shldies is very interesting, those are about the same size as what we use for targes when we practice Highland Broadsword in the Academy. How do you find the smaller shldies work in unit formations?Sounds like a good system you have, do you have any video clips online of shows or combat demonstrations by your group?

Comment From: Carrie --

Woah nelly, how about them apsple!