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Ballock Dagger (also known as a Kidney Dagger)
Time Period: 14th-17th century
Location: Europe
Construction: Wooden hilt, Steel blade

Ballock daggers are quite diverse in design. The most common form features a wooden hilt with a single or double edged blade. However, the blade could be constructed in a wedge, diamond, triangle or, rarely, square cross section. The hilt could also be made out of metal, bone, or ivory.

The ballock dagger is primarily a stabbing weapon. It is named for the unique shape of the hilt. It features two round bulbs at the guard and a cylindrical grip that made the dagger look somewhat phallic in nature. Furthermore, the dagger was worn vertically in the direct center of the belt. To spare the ears of small children it was also more politely referred to as a kidney dagger.

CE 14th Century, CE 15th Century, CE 16th Century, CE 17th Century, Dagger, History, Medieval Europe, Weapon

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